Institute of Public Buildings and Design

The teaching and research of our institute deals with the design and experience of architectural spaces as a condition of public life.

Designing space of public life

After a period of displacement of public spaces by car and a transformation of public life from the urban context to a digital context, it is necessary to rethink about the relationship of the human body in the physical space.

The understanding of our physical world, whether it is nature or architecture, requires a new awareness and a holistic perception of our physical environment as a direct communication and emotion space beyond the digital image. The complexity of public space eludes one-sided optimization. Only from this insight a city can become a positive, meaningful and aesthetic expression of our society. Their diversity requires a long-term cultural reflection before acting. The city built, is a constant that gives identity.

The architecture of public buildings is the cultivated expression of the physics of motionless bodies - the statics. In oposit the dance of the dynamics, the physics of moving bodies finds its most cultivated expression. Public buildings generate a specific relationship of openness and unity, which makes it possible to protect and create a special atmosphere accessible at the same time. This relationship has to be designed.

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